GoHard is a free to use online platform for challenge-based learning.

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Master new skills and technologies to hone your talent by solving challenges and winning prizes!

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The first level in our wolfpack is Cub!

It's ok if you have no or limited knowledge and skills. You can learn your way to the next level by solving basic challenges from fields that you have an interest in. Or simply explore topics that you never considered or, on the contrary, are your worst fear.

Solve the challenges to gain experience and become a Wolf!


The second level in our wolfpack is Wolf!

Once you've gained entry-level expertise, you are ready to take a step further and start competing with others of your kind.

We can tempt you with bounties, that is challenges with a reward. All you need to do is research, code, build and use all your Cub skillset priorly acquired to provide the best solution in a timely manner.

Solve the bounties to earn Prey that you can exchange for Loot and become a Werewolf!


The last level in our wolfpack is Werewolf!

Get involved in large real-life projects and be mentored by professionals to achieve your very best!

Our platform has currently 159 challenges worth 1253 Euro.

Our Wolfpack size is 236.

Join us!

Our offer of challenges is wide and we continuously update it. You can work on: Logical thinking, git, C++, Python, Arduino & microcontrollers, RaspberryPi & microprocessors, Linux, Electronic components, Soldering, PCB design, 3D modelling, IoT web dev, debugging and many others.

Challenge examples

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